Hott Shot Running Challenge Hits Lake Worth

Lace up your running shoes for this “decathlon-style scoring system on steroids" at John Prince Park January 22

Hott Shot Running Challenge

Looking for a new take on the traditional 5k to kick-start your motivation? Then lace up for the Hott Shot Running Challenge, coming to Lake Worth’s John Prince Park January 22.

“We came up with an event that anyone can run,” says Steve Steinberger from event production company, Gottado LLC. “It is broken down into four shorter races with a recovery period between runs, and all the races are converted to points. The winner, either overall, age group, or team, would be the person(s) with the highest points.”

Using this “decathlon-style scoring system on steroids,” runners accumulate points in each of the shorter races (400 meter, 800 meter, 1,500 meter, and 3,000 meter) rather than just being judged on their overall race completion time like in conventional races. 

Groups of coworkers, friends, or just those with shared interests are encouraged to participate, with the event offering team, relay, and predictive challenges. The predictive option combines a team’s times and compares that to a predicted time specified by the team leader.

According to Steinberger, there has been a consistent “wow” response to the unique approach the race takes. “The more ways to play, the more ways to have fun.”

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