In Season: Tangerines

Living in the Sunshine State yields many rewards including balmy temperatures and access to the finest citrus in the country. Known for their bright red-orange skin, tangerines are a variety of mandarin orange with a sweetness that pairs well with poultry and fish.

Most tangerine trees start producing fruit after a couple of years, so find one that’s at least 3 years old. Dig a hole two to three times as wide and deep as the root ball, and loosen the roots before planting. These trees prefer direct sunlight and should be watered regularly. Tangerines will be ready for picking in winter and early spring.

Photo courtesy of Vic & Angelo’s

To sample a dish with Florida tangerines, head to Vic & Angelo’s in Palm Beach Gardens or Delray Beach and order the local burrata. Executive chef Alain Zimmer couples the Italian cheese with homemade pork belly pastrami, cucumber carpaccio, purple kale, and honey tangerines from Duda Farm Fresh Foods.

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