Interactive Art at the Galleria International

Swiss artist and designer Ralfonso's interactive light sculpture illuminates the Galleria International in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach has evolved into a public art paradise. To keep the tradition going, world-renowned Swiss artist and designer Ralfonso installed SENSE #1, a novel interactive light and clock sculpture in the historic, recently renovated Galleria International office building in West Palm Beach.

Ralfonso’s sculpture is a large-scale interactive light mural and a clock that measures 14 by 11.5 feet. The piece was commissioned and specifically designed for the new lobby of the Galleria International. The innovative work of art features 288 lucite and mirror-polished stainless steel cubes that are arranged at various depths to reimagine the topography of the flat wall. Each cube is equipped with a programmable RGB LED light, which continuously change the color pattern and look of the entire piece. The piece marks the passing of time by using light and culminates every hour with a “light chime,” which mirrors the chiming of a clock tower.

Inspired by Ralfonso’s 2008 design concept “The World Shows its Colors,” ​SENSE #1​ marries modern technology with ancient human method of communication and time-keeping, transforming them into complex, visceral light signals. The piece marks the beginning of a limited series of works that Ralfonso plans to expand with motion sensors that react to the viewer. By employing new technologies, the artist will engage the viewer, as their live movements will be mimicked by the lights in real-time.

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