International Surfing Day in Palm Beach

For the non-surfer, Surfrider Foundation is not a household name. But if you have ever enjoyed time at one of Palm Beach County’s public beaches, you have most definitely benefitted from the nonprofit’s local chapter, whose mission of making the beach an open and clean place to play, has reached many more than the tight-nit surfer community. On June 20, the international organization will rally its 100-plus chapters and clubs for International Surfing Day, with more than 200 events in more than 30 countries taking part in a one-day celebration and awareness-raising campaign that proselytizes the need for clean, healthy beaches, not just for the environment’s sake, but for the good of the surf.

International Surfing Day - Surfrider Foundation

   Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit organization, is comprised of localized chapters that uses grassroots tactics to protect and conserve the ocean, with the surf break standing in for a recognizable “flagship species.” Through local meet-ups and events, beach cleanups, political action and activism, and coastal conservation, Surfrider chapters have been a powerful and effective international force. Its initiatives are helping improve water quality, encouraging the use of reusable and recycled material—namely weaning off of single-use plastic bags and bottles, fight for public beach access, promote and educate the public on “ocean friendly gardens” to help stem urban runoff, as well as outreach and educational programs that raise awareness about the plight of the world’s oceans as they currently stand. And this is just a brief, very brief, overview of what Surfrider’s mission and goals; each chapter is fighting for protection on local and regional levels, creating a web interconnected conservation efforts.

   On June 20, the Palm Beach County chapter of Surfrider will be throwing an International Surfing Day party, starting with some in-the-field activism. From 8-11 a.m., Surfrider members and conscientious beachgoers will take to the beach in front of Sandoway House for a beach cleanup. Help make a difference on a micro level with benefits far exceeding a litter-free beach.

Saltwater Brewery - International Surfing Day - Surfrider Foundation

Peter Agardy - Saltwater Brewery quad fin- Nomad Surf Shop - Surfrider Foundation Palm Beach County Chapter - International Surfing Day    The party continues later that evening when the Surfrider crew joins local surf-minded brew house, Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, for an International Surfing Day hoedown. In partnership with Nomad Surf Shop and Morgan Stanley, the party will run from 6-10 p.m. with plenty of reason to join the fun. Out of Many Café, the Caribbean-inspired food truck will be on hand for guests to load up on carbs, while the three-piece blues rock band, shorty the GIANT, will be playing on the patio. And what’s a party at a brewery without a special release? On tap, the Surfrider Session Ale, Saltwater Brewery’s South End Session Ale aged on locally salvaged seagrape wood, will be flowing all night—its as local as local gets. Proceeds from this special brew will go to Surfrider and its mission to keep our beaches clean, accessible, and surfable.

   But wait, there’s more. Nomad Surf Shop will be raffling off a rad quad-fin six-foot, six fish surfboard with some original Saltwater art painted on the bottom: Peter Agardy’s “Screamin’ Reels” IPA dauphin. It’s the perfect board for the fickle South Florida surf. At 8 p.m., everyone will be asked to raise a glass to International Surfing Day with a pint of Surfrider Session Ale.

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