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Jaclyn Sienna India | Co-Owner Sienna Charles, Luxury Travel AgencyJaclyn Sienna India | Co-Owner Sienna Charles, Luxury Travel Agency


A native New Yorker, Jaclyn Sienna India graduated from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University with a bachelor’s in art history. After working for five years at the renowned French restaurant Le Bec-Fin in Philadelphia, where she developed her taste for luxury and service, Paris lured across the pond. After a few months of living there, Jaclyn realized her true calling was travel. And so she moved once again, this time to Palm Beach, where she has resided with her business partner and husband, Freddy, since 2006.

   Rather than booking properties for clients that she hadn’t been to herself, Jaclyn knew she wanted to bring more to the table. She and her husband set out into the world, seeking out the best of the best in destinations, hotels, restaurants and experiences. More than 70 countries later, her luxury travel agency, Sienna Charles—six years in the making—has thrived and continues to do so. It boasts two luxury travel storefronts—one in Palm Beach and one in New York, with more on the way—where Jaclyn meets with clients to fulfill their travel fantasies. Her business takes a fresh approach to travel, recommending only properties she’s personally experienced and putting together customized, intricate itineraries for high-profile clients.

   When not creating detailed dream vacations, Jaclyn volunteers regularly in Africa and enjoys cooking for family and friends when she is actually home. Vote for Jaclyn Sienna India below.


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