Local Love: West Palm Beach Farmer’s Market at Whole Foods Market

Local Honey at Whole Foods MarketFarmers’ markets are sprouting up throughout South Florida, having grown in popularity thanks to their emphasis on local goods, support of small businesses, and positive environmental impact. Whole Foods Market in West Palm Beach (561-471-3800) augmented this budding scene by introducing its own farmers’ market. The market, held in the store’s parking lot, is open every Tuesday evening beginning at 4 p.m. and includes an average of 40 vendors selling everything from local produce to artisan honey and all the foodie delights in between.

   “Our customers are farmers’ market customers,” says Brenna Bertram, the store’s marketing team leader. “Supporting these local farmers and artisan producers helps us to connect with the local community.”

   Typical offerings include handcrafted soaps and bath products, fresh and pickled vegetables, and many gourmet bites likes gelato, bubble tea, and arepas. Whole Foods also hosts recipe demos and distributes free samples, so you’ll never walk away hungry.
   While most Palm Beach County markets close for the summer, the farmers’ market at Whole Foods Market West Palm Beach will remain open year round, though vendors might vary because of seasonality.

   As to why these markets are becoming the en vogue way to shop, Bertram credits a reverence for the history and traditions behind American agriculture. “Customers appreciate and see the value in supporting a local farmer, and that need for the connection to our history plays into it,” she says.

   Of course, she points out, farmers’ markets also lead to positive economic and environmental impacts: “The environmental footprint is smaller. You’re not buying oranges coming from California or avocados coming from Mexico [because] we have avocados and mangos and citrus growing in our own backyard.”

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