Lunch Box: Delray Beach

Delray Beach’s stellar culinary landscape is teeming with lunch options. Four of Delray’s top chefs dish on where they head when they feel peckish.

Jarod Higgins, Cut 432

“I like Max’s Harvest,” Higgins says. “Sometimes I go twice a week. Eric (Baker) uses great ingredients and the flavor combinations are amazing.”

His Pick: “The goat cheese croquettes are out of this world. Crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside.” 

Photo by Kelly Coulson.

Anthony Sitek, Apeiro Kitchen & Bar

“When I was working in Chicago, I’d get tacos at Big Star because it was the closest thing to great Mexican in the city,” Sitek says. “El Camino brings that Chicago atmosphere down to the beach.”

His Pick: “I order tacos and chicharrones every time I go, and the homemade hot sauce is to die for. I haven’t had a bad meal there yet, and that’s pretty impressive.”

Nick Morfogen, 32 East

House of Siam is super friendly and clean,” Morforgen says. “I used to take my son there every Monday after preschool for lunch, and he’s 17 now. He always ordered the chicken satay and I would have pad Thai.”

His Pick: “The crispy duck with stir-fried vegetables is very good. They have a lot of duck dishes, more than most Asian restaurants around.”

Blake Malatesta, MIA Kitchen & Bar (coming soon)

Presidente Supermarket on Congress Avenue is one of Delray’s best kept secrets,” Malatesta says. “It’s a very raw supermarket where you’d go to pick up a 50-pound bag of rice. My wife and I will each get a to-go box with two sides and a protein. The portion sizes are great.”

His Pick: “The oxtail’s excellent and I like the fried chicken and pork with yucca, plantains, black beans, and rice.”

Photo by Blake Malatesta.

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