Magique dazzles at Faena

In the dimly lit red-and-gold, cabaret-style Faena Theater, Voltaire’s famous quote, “Illusion is the first of all pleasures,” is projected onto a screen, whetting the appetite for the night’s act. A moment later, Magique explodes onto the stage in a show that can only be described as a Miami-perfect spectacle to tantalize all the senses.

To call Magique, by illusionists Kevin & Caruso, a magic show is to call the Taj Mahal a tomb. Sure, there are the requisite daring escapes, clever card tricks (with audience participation, of course), sword-slicing sequences, a classic levitation, and other sleight of hand—but that doesn’t begin to describe it. A highlight is the troupe of Magique dancers, in elaborate costumes and platinum bob wigs that are a cross between Brazilian Carnival and Vegas, performing routines that are as endearing as they are sexy.

Special effects are off the charts. Lights pulse to high-energy soundtracks, smoke rises from the stage, and multimedia backdrops add depth and texture. The excitement is ratcheted to a fever pitch by the time Madame Houdini comes on stage to perform her edge-of-your-seat stunts, including the famous Houdini straightjacket escape. Madame does it with a lot more flash and panache, it must be said.

The show is billed as “family-friendly,” but it’s probably more appropriate for older children. Plus, showtimes are on Sundays and Tuesdays at 8 PM, when most of the little tykes are getting ready for bed (school nights apply even in Miami). The theater, which is attached to the sleek new Faena Hotel, offers table service with small plates and a full bar. It’s worth arriving a half-hour early to enjoy a cocktail and soak up the intimate atmosphere. Tickets start at $65 and are available here.


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