The Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival Welcomes Marc Murphy

Photo by Ken Goodman

Entering its second decade of epicurean events, the eleventh annual Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival returns December 14-17. This year’s celebration includes three new experiences: a Sunday Brunch in Paradise at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, a tasting hosted by Daniel Boulud in Café Boulud’s garden, and an Italian feast at Café Sapori with chefs Fabrizio Giorgi, Chicago’s Tony Mantuano, and Manhattan’s Marc Murphy. A fixture at the festival since its inception, Murphy will transform inspiration from his recent trip to Italy into one unforgettable meal. PBI spoke with the Chopped judge about pasta, foodie tips, and his fantasy dinner guest. (877-503-9463)

PBI: Where do you eat when you’re in town for the festival?

Murphy: The Regional. I walked in and fell in love with it, and the food was fantastic. It’s at the top of my list to go back to. If I can squeeze in a nice little meal at Daniel’s [Café Boulud], that’s always good. And we always hit Buccan and Imoto.

PBI: What would we find if we looked in your fridge?

Murphy: Capers, anchovies, and mustard. I use those ingredients a lot. I made a bean stew the other day and put a few fillets of anchovies in there to give it some backbone.

PBI: You post a lot of pasta photos on Instagram. How do you stay fit?

Murphy: I love to run. It’s basically the only time I can be by myself. It’s great for my travel schedule [because] it’s just a pair of shoes, shorts, and a shirt. You can do it anywhere, and it allows you to see the city. I was in Rome recently and ran in the [Villa] Borghese gardens. I was like, okay! Nothing wrong with this!

PBI: If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

Murphy: I’ve always been a fan of Winston Churchill. He’s an interesting guy and looked like he liked to eat, drink, and smoke cigars, so he’d probably be fun to


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