Mindfulness and Matcha

Matcha Tea

Long before matcha lattes became a trendy coffee shop beverage, Buddhist monks had been incorporating the green tea powder into their meditation practices for centuries. Matcha helped them stay alert yet calm because, unlike other caffeinated drinks, it contains L-theanine, anamino acid that promotes relaxation and counteracts jitters. Each sip of this tea, made by grinding the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, alsoabounds in antioxidants rarely found in other foods. Researchers have discovered that certain catechins, like EGCG and ECG, in matcha powderboast cancer-preventative properties and heart health benefits, and they may play a role in reducing free radical damage and in boosting metabolism. Locally, The Seed coffee and juice bar in Boca Raton offers creamy, Instagram-worthy matcha lattes and a seasonal iced Matcha Zinger, with organic, fresh-pressed lemon juice and honey. (561-430-5640)

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