The Nantucket Project Visits Grandview Public Market

Nantucket Project co-founder Tom Scott and New York Times best-selling author Kelly Corrigan will host an evening dedicated to modern and innovative minds at Palm Beach’s Grandview Public Market on March 1.

What is The Nantucket Project? Think of it as an ideas festival, an immersion conference, or a think tank. The event will be smaller-scale version of The Nantucket Project’s annual gathering held in Massachusetts each September.

The Nantucket Project’s 2018 roadshow: Box of Wonder will encourage those in attendance to spark conversations, build relationships, and exchange insights. In addition to Scott and Corrigan, headliners will include:

For more information regarding event activities or registration click here.

The Nantucket Project (TNP) identifies vital ideas of our time. We work with spirited thinkers and creators to transform those ideas into works of art, what we call “miracles,” to share with you. – Tom Scott

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