New Aston Martin Zooms from Zero to 60 in 3.8

Pay attention 007, we have a car for you. It’s an Aston Martin, naturally. But this is the latest DB11 and it’s new from the ground up, with a special bonded (wink, wink) all-aluminum chassis. Yes, we thought you’d like that.

As you might expect, it’s rather fast. It has a new twin-turbocharged V-12 engine that delivers 600 horsepower. It’s powerful enough to keep up with your lifestyle—zooming from zero to 60 in 3.8 seconds and topping out at 200 mph.

That speed would leave even you a little shaken and stirred, 007.


To make sure this new DB11 stays on the ground at 200 mph without needing one of those irritating spoilers on the boot lid, Aston Martin came up with a device called Aeroblade. And yes, it sounds a lot like one of those pesky Dyson hand dryers, but it’ll do for now.

Here’s how it works: Air is channeled through vents at the base of each side window then ducted through the bodywork before venting as a high-pressure wall of air from an aperture in the boot lid. It’s like a virtual spoiler. Very clever, indeed.

You might miss the ejector seat from your much-loved Aston Martin DB5, 007, but it was far too theatrical. As for your onboard machine guns and nail-thrower—those were nixed, too.


But this new DB11 isn’t without gadgets. It’s now equipped with the technology to corner faster, allowing you to choose between three dynamic modes—GT, Sport, and Sport Plus—that alter throttle, steering, and suspension response. It quickly changes the car from a relaxed grand tourer to something altogether more licensed to thrill.

db11-lightning-silver-96Use Sport Plus as often as you like, James. Maybe next time, it will help you get away from that awful Mr. Hinx and his Jaguar C-X75.

One piece of technology that might excite even you, 007, is the 360-degree “bird’s-eye” camera with an auto-park assist feature. It might even help you avoid damage when you try to squeeze into spaces that are obviously far too small.

And—for your eyes only, Bond—Aston Martin has partnered with Daimler to develop a 12-inch TFT LCD instrument display screen to replace those dreadful, old-fashioned analog gauges.

Here’s a question for you, James: Have you been bulking up lately? We’ve noticed those Brioni suits are looking a little tight. No worries—the new DB11 has a larger interior than the D89 it replaces. It has a longer wheelbase that allows for bigger door openings, making it easier—and faster—to get in and out. 

The stylish chaps at Aston Martin did a splendid job shaping the DB11’s body, too. It looks thoroughly modern and, yes, quite seductive. Yet it is still instantly recognizable as a DB. The roof strake, for instance, flows backward, giving the impression that it is floating above the body.


There you have it, 007—your new DB11. For goodness’ sake, don’t mistreat it like you did your last Aston Martin, the Spectre DB10, depositing it at the bottom of the Tiber River. Moneypenny must have had a devil of a time drying it out.


PRICE: $211,995
ENGINE: Twin-turbo 5.2-liter V-12
POWER: 600-hp
TORQUE: 516 pound-feet
TRANSMISSION: 8-speed automatic
0-60: 3.8 seconds
TOP SPEED: 200 mph
LENGTH/WIDTH: 186.5/81.0 inches
WHY WE LIKE IT: Because if ever there was a car that could keep up with Bond, it’s this one.

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