New to Try: Avocado Grill

   Having full control of the kitchen is every chef’s fantasy. Now, it’s a dream come true for Julien Gremaud, who opened his first restaurant, Avocado Grill, in downtown West Palm Beach in the fall.

   Branding the eatery after one of his favorite types of produce, the former chef at Pistache French Bistro in West Palm Beach and PB Catch in Palm Beach has crafted a menu of flavorful Florida-Caribbean bites that reflect the resto’s farm-fresh name, including pork-belly buns, tuna tartare, island-inspired sushi and, of course, grilled avocados.

   The Datura Street space, previously occupied by Barrel and Grain (and, before that, Gratify), is open for dinner and Sunday brunch—just look for the avocado-green exterior. (561-623-0822)

Photos by Jennifer Scott

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