On Display: On the Edge with Albert Watson

Albert Watson - “Just Out of Reach: Pictures with an Edge" exhibition at Holden Luntz GalleryPhotographer Albert Watson was born blind in one eye, but that didn’t stop him from creating some truly iconic images—like Kate Moss wearing an oversized headpiece, Andy Warhol holding a beach ball, and a stunning black and white portrait of Steve Jobs simply contemplating. Since 1970, the Scottish artist has forged a prolific career in art, fashion, and celebrity photography, and a selection of his work will be on display at the Holden Luntz Gallery in Palm Beach starting April 16 (561-805-9550). The pieces will be part of the group exhibition “Just Out of Reach: Pictures with an Edge,” which aims to demonstrate how photographers use enticing techniques to draw viewers closer. For instance, tasked in 1989 with photographing designer Issey Miyake’s fashions for British Elle, Watson produced this abstract portrait that presents the clothes in a sculptural form. This image and others will be shown in the gallery through May 28.

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