On Stage: Ballet Palm Beach’s “Gatsby”

Gatsby - Ballet Palm Beach original productionThe story of Nick, Jay, and Daisy will get the full-choreographed treatment when Ballet Palm Beach transforms the literary classic, The Great Gatsby into moveable art. On March 19-20, the Eissey Campus Theatre will host the world premiere of Gatsby, and original ballet interpreting Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, conceived by Ballet Palm Beach artistic director, Colleen Smith.

   “I was inspired to create a ballet after The Great Gatsby because of the depth and beauty of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing. He had the ability to choose just the right words creating sentences with incredible depth and meaning,” said Smith. “Quotes such as, ‘Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope,’ are the inspiration behind Gatsby, the ballet.  We will tell the story through quote imagery, music from the roaring 20’s and the power of dance.”

   Set in 1920s in Long Island’s West Egg, the ballet, as in the novel, is told through the eyes of Nick Carraway who moves into the cottage next door to Jay Gatsby’s mansion. The story unfolds as Carraway helps Gatsby reunite with his one true, yet unattainable love, Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby’s grasp on the American dream quickly comes apart as his love for Daisy pushes the couple to the edge.

   Fitzgeralds’ full cast of characters will be in attendance, with Jessica Dandine portraying the charming and conflicted Daisy, Tyveze Littlejohn portraying Gatsby himself, Reinhard von Rabenau taking on the dual roles of both Nick Carraway and F.Scott Fitzgerald, and Leah Heller portraying Jordan Baker in this timeless tale of love, betrayal, and redemption.


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