On Stage: “Sex with Strangers” at Arts Garage

Sex with Strangers - Arts GarageArts Garage opens its 2015-2016 Theatre season with a romantic comedy born in the digital age. On stage from October 25 through November 15, Sex with Strangers cuts through the online profile to get to the root of the person behind the screen. The two-character driven play, written by Laura Eason, one of the writers behind the Netflix political thriller, House of Cards, explores how lust, love, and identity has become even more convoluted in the digital age.

   The play follows Olivia, a 40-something writer from Chicago who has holed herself up in a bed-and-breakfast for a writers retreat in rural Michigan. Joined by Ethan, a charming young sex-blogger, the two begin to bond over their writing. But as the play progresses, Olivia begins to rethink her peccadilloes—and a possible career boosting relationship—with this younger man, whose writing takes a misogynistic and exploitative turn toward his “real-life” experiences in bed.

  • Sex with Strangers’ opening night gala is Friday, October 30 at 7 p.m. The play will be on the Arts Garage stage through November 15. Tickets $30 for general admission, $40 for reserved seats, and $45 for premium seats. For more information and showtimes, call 561-450-6357, or visit artsgarage.org/Page/MainStage.

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