Orlebar Brown Overhauls Sustainability

The brand will partner with SeaTrees for a trio of Blue Carbon projects to establish mangrove and sea kelp forests to offset carbon emissions

A still from Morgan Maassen's short film about Orlebar Brown's partnership with SeaTrees.
A still from Morgan Maassen’s short film about Orlebar Brown’s partnership with SeaTrees.

Orlebar Brown, the men’s resort wear and Palm Beach staple, has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to sustainability–in 2018, the brand committed to a long-term “Measure, Reduce, Rebalance” model that has helped the company take steps toward being carbon-negative.

In 2020, Orlebar Brown partnered with The Planet Mark, an environmental auditing firm, to review its carbon emissions and reduced its operational carbon footprint by five percent.

“[Orlebar Brown’s sustainability strategy] is about ensuring that all our products are sustainably sourced, produced, and distributed to the point of achieving carbon negative company status,” said Adam Brown, founder of Orlebar Brown. “It’s also about advocating for sustainable tourism, single-use plastic, and preserving the oceans. All of which encourage us to ‘Holiday Better’ in a truly holistic sense.”

The brand’s sustainability efforts will continue in 2021 with a trio of Blue Carbon projects centered around establishing mangrove and sea kelp forests to offset carbon emissions: The Southern Cardamom REDD+ Rainforest & Mangrove Project; Eden Projects Mangrove Project, Indonesia; and The Bay Foundation Kelp Project, California. SeaTrees, Orlebar Brown’s ocean-focused carbon rebalancing partner, will lead these projects.

Sea kelp and mangrove forests are more effective than tropical rainforests at sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. A single mangrove tree can sequester up to 1 tonne of CO2 during its lifetime. All three projects are assessed and measured against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. SeaTrees is on course to plant 1 million sea forests by 2021 and 1 billion sea forests by 2030.

“We are inspired by Orlebar Brown’s commitment to taking real action on climate change by regenerating coastal ecosystems,” said Brett Giddings, co-founder of SeaTrees and Sustainable Surf. “The high-quality restoration projects they are supporting will deliver measurable change, including sequestering carbon emissions in one of the most effective ways.”

Orlebar Brown celebrated the launch of its Blue Carbon projects with a short film by director and ocean conservationist, Morgan Maassen. The film depicts the brand’s sustainability journey to date and explains the world of Blue Carbon. Watch here.

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