Our Editors’ Favorite Cookbooks

Celebrate National Cookbook Month with a few of our go-tos.


That Sounds So Good by Carla Lalli Music
Not only does Carla Lalli Music have the best name in the cooking game, but her recipes are equal parts stick-to-your-ribs guilty pleasures and healthy happy meals—exactly the ratio I strive to achieve in my life. Bonus: Lalli Music’s YouTube tutorials are as delightful as she is. —Mary Murray, executive editor

Milk: Momofuku Milk Bar by Christina Tosi
From cereal milk ice cream with cornflake crunch to birthday cake truffles to my personal favorite: a sweet and buttery confection known as crack pie (later renamed Milk Bar pie), chef Christina Tosi’s imaginative and joyful dessert recipes are sure to hit you squarely in the sweet tooth. —Kristen Desmond LeFevre, contributing editor

Happy Cooking: Make Every Meal Count … Without Stressing Out by Giada De Laurentiis
To me, the words “happy” and “cooking” belong together. I’m all about simplicity and joy—both Giada hallmarks—in the kitchen, so I gravitate to this cookbook for healthy dishes like detox soup and cheat-day classics like an outrageous chocolate dessert salami. —Daphne Nikolopoulos, editor in chief

The Balthazar Cookbook by Keith McNally, Riad Nasr, and Lee Hanson
When I’m feeling nostalgic for my favorite New York City spot, I break out Balthazar’s cookbook and (ask my husband to) whip up brasserie classics such as steak tartare and escargot. The recipes provide an authentic and comprehensive tour of both the restaurant’s menu and this genre of cuisine. —Allison Wolfe Reckson, managing editor

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