Pairing Beer & Bites

Pairing Beer and Food - craft beer food pairing tips - master cicerone Nicole Erny - advice from an expertIn the ever-evolving and growing world of craft beer, more and more are looking to pair that artisanal brew with their meal. Here, Master Cicerone Nicole Erny gives us some basic rules, all of which can be broken.

   “When you pair beer with food,” says Erny, “importing ideas from the world of wine and food pairing doesn’t work. You have to turn a lot of it on its head.”

  • Light lagers such as pilsners tend to go well with salads, seafood, white meats (especially pork), mild cheddar cheese and spicier foods, such as Mexican or Cajun.
  • Bocks are a good match with Thai or Korean food, game dishes, barbecue and mild cheeses.
  • Drink pale ale with pork, roasted poultry, smoked fish, mild cheese or curry.
  • IPAs are a natural with spicy food (particularly curry) and sweet desserts.
  • Roasted or smoked meats go well with porter, especially barbecue; blackened fish is also a good match, as are chocolate desserts.
  • Stouts pair well with steak, meat dishes, roasts and stews—and, oddly enough, oysters.

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