Palm Beach Beauty: Sally Sevareid

Photography by Navid


Sally Sevareid

Palm Beach Beauty - Sally Sevareid - Mo and Sally Morning Show on KOOL 105.5Occupation: Co-Host of The Mo and Sally Morning Show on KOOL 105.5


Beauty Factor: adoring wife, animal activist, fierce kitchenista


Proudest achievement: My personal and professional partnership with [husband and co-host] Mo [Foster]. We’ve been married for 19 years and have been working together for 20.


Guilty pleasure: The Food Network


Her other loves: Mo and I have four rescue cats—Carlin, Stifler, Stewie and Cleveland—but I love all animals. Every week, we feature an animal from the Big Dog Ranch Rescue on our show and on our website.


First job: The WKEX Wacky Bird. I wore a mascot costume for a Blacksburg, Virginia radio station.


Most embarrassing moment on air: I was live-covering a parade in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina years ago when one of the trucks hauling the beauty queens down the street drove over my foot after I interviewed him.


Favorite part of her job: Our listeners

Palm Beach Beauty - Sally Sevareid - Mo and Sally Morning Show on KOOL 105.5

Travel destination to visit: Thailand. I was born in Bangkok because both of my parents were in the Army and stationed in Thailand.


Toughest challenge: Waking up at 3:45 am!


Life with Mo on and off the air: We can’t have a period of time where we’re not speaking to each other. That just doesn’t work. If we do have a disagreement, sometimes we just take it on the air.


Words to live by: Treat others, human and animal, as you would like to be treated.

Hair: Julien Bonnin, Master Stylist, New York, Palm Beach

Makeup: Deborah Koepper, Deborah Koepper Beauty, Palm Beach

Stylist: Katherine Lande

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