Palm Beach Beauty: Stephanie Kantis

Photography by Navid


Stephanie Kantis

Palm Beach Beauty - Stephanie Kantis - jewelry designerOccupation: Designer and owner of Stephanie Kantis Jewelry


Beauty Factor: Environmental and children’s activist, creative spirit, fearless trendsetter, bubbly personality


Her design inspiration: European royalty, fashion, history, art and architecture. My Greek background plays a big role, too.


Favorite pastime: Surrounding myself in nature-like gardens and vast open spaces. I frequently go to the Society of the Four Arts’ botanical gardens.


Why she’s influential: I have never tried to follow a trend and have always tried to lead one.


Her charitable passion: I have a huge soft spot for children without parents or a loving home. I’m helping chair this year’s KidSanctuary Campus Haute Hoedown to help build foster homes in West Palm Beach.


Guilty pleasure: Cheese! If I can have wine and cheese, I’m as happy as can be.


Palm Beach Beauties - Stephanie KantisWould want to have dinner with: Coco Chanel


Bucket-list musts: Help children in orphanages by bettering the system as well as living environments. I also want to raise national awareness for decreasing the usage of plastics and Styrofoam in order for nature and life to flourish more beautifully.


Most influential person in her life: My mother. As a young single mom, she completely devoted herself to raising my brother and me. Motherhood is an amazing career—the most important in the world.

Words to live by: Live well and push yourself to do that which some may think is impossible; it is always those individuals who leave a lasting mark on this planet.

Hair: Julien Bonnin, Master Stylist, New York, Palm Beach

Makeup: Deborah Koepper, Deborah Koepper Beauty, Palm Beach

Stylist: Katherine Lande

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