Palm Beach Pop Quiz

Everyone suffers from summertime brain drain. Keep your mind sharp with our Palm Beach Pop Quiz. Try the questions below and click here for the answers. Good Luck!

1. Addison Mizner took inspiration from what European city for the architecture of Worth Avenue?

   A. Paris, France

   B. Copenhagen, Denmark

   C. Venice, Italy

2. Who was Johnnie Brown?

   A. Henry Flagler’s pet iguana

   B. Addison Mizner’s pet spider monkey

   C. Marjorie Merriweather Post’s pet panther

3. The 1942 romantic comedy The Palm Beach Story starred which actor and actress?

   A. Joel McCrea and Claudette Colbert

   B. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

   C. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman

4. In 1904, how much did the lowest-price room go for at The Breakers?

   A. $4, including three meals

   B. $3, including dinner

   C. $7, including no meals

5. What 2001 romantic comedy was partially filmed in Palm Beach?

   A. Bridget Jones’s Diary

   B. Heartbreakers

   C. Shallow Hal

6. How much did Donald Trump pay to purchase Mar-a-Lago in 1985?

   A. $7 million

   B. $12 million

   C. $15 million

7. What is the longest-running restaurant in Palm Beach?

   A. Nick & Johnnie’s

   B. Testa’s

   C. Buccan

8. The first hotel in Palm Beach opened in 1884. What was its name?

   A. The Royal Poinciana Hotel

   B. Palm Beach Inn

   C. The Cocoanut Grove House

9. Why was Lilly Pulitzer inspired to create her signature vibrant prints?

   A. She ran an orange juice stand and made sleeveless dresses adorned with bright prints to hide the juice stains.

   B. She wanted to design prints that were apropos for both luncheons and the beach.

   C. She got lost in the island’s lush foliage one day and, upon finding her way home, made prints that honored her adventure.

10. In the early 1900s, one of Palm Beach’s most popular tourist attractions was a farm that boasted hundreds of large reptiles and other Florida creatures. Who managed this outpost?

   A. Turtle Tom

   B. Manatee Mark

   C. Alligator Joe



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