PBI Awards 2018: Best Neighborhood Grocer

The neighborhood grocery store, once a fixture on street corners across the country, has seen better days. And yet, in Palm Beach County, one locally owned grocer, Celis Produce, is thriving. West Palm Beach natives and brothers (from left to right) Felipe, Camilo, and Alex Celis opened their first organic produce mart and juice bar on South Dixie Highway in 2015. The community immediately embraced the Celises and their enthusiasm for healthy living and the local food scene. Finally, there was a convenient spot to pick up a few ingredients for dinner on the way home, or grab a smoothie or açai bowl on the go. This year, the brothers added three more locations in Northwood, Palm Beach, and the Warehouse District, as well as a breakfast and lunch menu with vegetarian and vegan options. “People are more open to the small, mom-and-pop market or juice bar,” says Alex. “We’re becoming a more progressive city and it [supports] the success of our business.”

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