PBI Awards: Best Candy for Homebodies

Best Candy for Homebodies

Every time we walk into Hive, we are overwhelmed by an urge to redecorate. That ikat chair on casters? Want it. A gilded bamboo mirror? Must have it. Hand-embroidered linens? Yes, please. It’s a rare store that can hit the mark on all merchandise—even the pajamas are adorable!—but Hive manages to delight at every corner. We attribute this to the eye of Sara McCann, interior designer and owner of this slice of home nirvana. Her taste is evident in the triumphantly edited mix, which ranges from furnishings to stationery. If you’re not a homebody before you walk in, Hive is enough to convert you.

Hive - PBI Awards - Best Candy for Homebodies


PBI Awards - Palm Beach Illustrated

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