PBI Awards: Best Farm to Table

Best Farm to Table

It’s a stormy Thursday and Farmer’s Table, that altar to all things fresh and healthy, is packed to the rafters. Not even an apocalyptic downpour can keep Boca Raton’s faithful away.

Farmer's Table - Boca Raton - Best Farm to Table

   There’s a good reason for that. The restaurant’s self-styled “feel-good food”—made with whole, recognizable ingredients, many from local farms—is so savory and satisfying, it might not occur to you this is clean eating. But it is, and it’s highly addictive. We can’t get enough of the kale hummus or the Santa Fe veggie burger with zucchini bacon, which will make a believer of the most hard-core carnivore. Even the kids’ menu is healthy (whole wheat mac and cheese! gluten-free chicken fingers!)—now that, sadly, is novel.

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