PBI Awards: Best Food Artist

Chef Roy Villacrusis - Aah Loi Thai & Sushi - Jupiter Sushi and Thai restuarant in JupiterBest Food Artist

If making sushi is an art, the Picasso among local chefs is Roy Villacrusis, the experimenter behind the sushi bar at Aah Loi, which Thai Chef Charlie Soo opened last September in Jupiter. Influenced by Japanese culture, self-taught Villacrusis has been developing what he calls “Asiatic cuisine,” an interpretation of traditional dishes presented in a contemporary way. With seating for only 44, Aah Loi treats a handful of diners to inventive and beautiful sushi that might incorporate foie gras, truffles instead of mushrooms or even Italian ingredients. The ambitious among us opt for the omakase tasting menu, in which Villacrusis serves a surprise of whatever he feels like creating for as many courses as desired (the record is 25). He may be a big fish in a small pond, but Palm Beach County, where his culinary journey began, hasn’t stopped inspiring him to grow. “There’s really something about West Palm Beach. … [Here, I can] be as creative as those chefs in those cities,” he says

Uni Shooter - Aah Loi Thai & Sushi - Roy Villacrusis - Best Food Artist

Villacrusis’ uni shooter contains sea urchin with momiji.

Photo by libbyvision.com

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