PBI Awards: Best French Accent

Best French Accent

   Let us consider the macaron, shall we? It seems simple enough—egg whites, sugar, a bit of almond flour—yet it is so impossible to get just right. Even restaurants that claim to offer  authentic French macarons cannot achieve the elusive crumble-in-your-mouth fluffiness of, say, Ladurée or Chantal Guillon.
   Our frustration over finding a magnifique macaron this side of the Seine ended at precisely the moment Patrick Lézé opened in Palm Beach. Lucky for us, the French pâtissier and his wife fell in love with the island during a motorcycle tour—and stayed.
   Now we can enjoy his colorful confections (peach apricot, how do we love thee?) anytime. Bonus: They’re perfect when we need a hostess gift in a hurry.

Macarons - Best French Accent - Patrick Lézé macarons

A rainbow of Patrick Lézé macarons. Gold-rimmed china platter by Katy Briscoe Home, available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach.

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