PBI Awards: Best Local Instagrammers

Best Local Instagrammers

Move over, Facebook and Twitter—Instagram is fast becoming the “it” form of online communication. Today, more than 300 million people worldwide use the picture-sharing social network. If you’re one of them, follow Palm Beach Illustrated @PBIllustrated as well as these local users who combine the essence of South Florida living with social media savvy.

Cristyle Egitto - eatpalmbeach.com - PBI Awards - Best Local Instagrammers

Name: Cristyle Egitto

Location: Palm Beach Gardens

Occupation: Real estate agent and blogger at eatpalmbeach.com

Why Follow Her: Egitto’s account is the spot to get the scoop on local bites. “I want my followers to feel like they’re experiencing all that the Palm Beach County food scene has to offer,” she says.  

Favorite Filters: Valencia and Rise. “Although, ever since Instagram did the upgrade where you can really customize the photo without a filter, that has been my go-to,” she says.

Instagram-worthy Restos: “Tim Lipman’s @CoolinaryCafe or Clay Conley’s @BuccanPalmBeach.”


PBI Awards - Best Local Instagrammers - Darcy Jones - thesuppermodel.com

Name: Darcy Jones

Location: Palm Beach and Manhattan

Occupation: Model, chef, and blogger at thesuppermodel.com

Why Follow Her: Jones aims to create accessible editorial looks and always showcases her ensembles through vibrant, street-style photography. The result? “A detailed recipe for how to craft a curated, catalogue-worthy life for less,” she says. “I promise you, you don’t have to be a model to look and live like one.”

Favorite Hashtags: #neverstopexploring, #quietthechaos, #coffeeandclothes

Best Palm Beach Spot for a Pic: “I love discovering doorways throughout the island,” Jones says. “They really frame a square shot beautifully.”


ohdeardreablog.com - Andrea Duclos - PBI Awards - Best Local Instagrammers

Name: Andrea Duclos

Location: West Palm Beach

Occupation: Blogger at ohdeardreablog.com and author of the forthcoming cookbook The Plantiful Table

Why Follow Her: Duclos’ blog and Instagram feed offer relatable lifestyle content, with an emphasis on natural living. Follow her for ideas on vegan recipes, gardening, travel, and random moments of beauty guaranteed to make you smile.

Favorite Filters: “I typically run my photos through the VSCOcam app (filter number four or six) and skip the Instagram filters,” Duclos says.

Photo Philoshopy:  “I really like photos to be in the moment,” she says. “With the exception of DIYs, I prefer not to stage photos. My life is real, and my blog and Instagram follow after my life, not the other way around.”


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