PBI Awards: Best Neighborhood Hangout

Best Neighborhood Hangout

Allow us to let you in on a little secret: Palm Beach County’s newest, hippest hangout is hidden in an unassuming strip mall in Lake Park. The Brewhouse Gallery opened in mid 2014 and has become a mecca for millennials and creative spirits of all ages. “I feel like we have filled a niche and have brought the arts and culture back to our area,” says AJ Brockman, the brains behind Brewhouse.

The Brewhouse Gallery - Craft Beer and Art - PBI Awards - Best Neighborhood Hangout

   It’s difficult to classify the space as one thing or another. Is it a gallery? A bar? A lounge? A restaurant? A furniture store? The answer to all is yes. Patrons can purchase art, perform poetry or any form of expression at open-mic nights, catch live music, and then buy the couch they’re sitting on, or simply order a cheese platter and wash it down with a craft beer. Above all, Brewhouse offers a welcoming environment in which to unwind as well as a nourishing haven for area artists. We’ll raise a glass to that.

The Brewhouse Gallery - PBI Awards - Best Neighborhood Hangout - Live Music Venue, Craft Beer and Coffee Bar, and Art Gallery
The Brewhouse Gallery - Art Gallery, Caft Beer and Coffe Bar, Live Music - PBI Awards - Best neighborhood Hangout

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