PBI Awards: Best Way to Commune with Nature

Best Way to Commune with Nature

  Imagine waking up to the mournful coo of doves and looking out of your tent at a misty sunrise. Nearby, the fire pit is lit and the scent of coffee brewing tickles your nose. A great day in nature awaits.

Pine Creek Sporting Club - PBI Awards - camping in Okeechobee

   Welcome to Camp Fort Drum, the latest offering at Pine Creek Sporting Club in Okeechobee. The camping pavilion consists of two outfitter tents that sleep eight in utter comfort, a cooking area, the aforementioned fire pit, an archery range and a game-viewing tower. This is glamping at its best, folks.

   Opening October 1 for members and guests, the camp is nestled within the loblolly pines, oak trees and sable palms and overlooks acres of palmettos. Wildlife, including white-tail deer, Osceola turkeys and quail, roam the grounds, adding to the richness of the experience.

Pine Creek Sporting Club Lodge

   The best part is the educational aspect. During monthly camping excursions, children will learn survival basics and get to know the native ecosystem with master naturalist Jerry Walls. All that, and s’mores too.

Pine Creek Sporting Club - Camp grounds

Pine Creek Sporting Club

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