PBI Awards: Best Way to go Om

Best Way to go OM

Carefully balance into a downward-dog position. Now breathe deeply and take in one of the coolest views you’ll ever see: the bobbing Atlantic Ocean touching the sky, upside down.

Paddleboard Yoga - PBI Awards - Best Yoga - Tasha Hermann, a Juno Beach-based certified yoga instructor

   It’s a sight you’ll witness during a private yoga-boarding class with Tasha Hermann, a Juno Beach-based certified yoga instructor who teaches the discipline on stand-up paddleboards throughout Palm Beach County’s waterways. Upbeat, calming, and always encouraging, Hermann guides students into poses modified to their abilities, captures moments with a waterproof GoPro (so there’s photographic evidence you nailed that warrior pose), and inspires a genuine sense of meditative, humble appreciation. When you leave feeling refreshed, it’s not just because of the water.

   For SUPers, this is a new challenge to try on a board; for yogis, it’s a playful way to improve their core, balance, and breathing techniques. And for everyone, regardless of skill level, Hermann says, the yoga-boarding experience is a modifier for life: Go with the flow.

Photo by Chelsae Anne

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