Pour Over Cocktails at III Forks

The Palm Beach Gardens steakhouse employs a proprietary pour-over system to make seasonal cocktails

Le Rendezvous cocktail at III Forks.
Photo by Ralph Smith Studios

Infusions are one of the best ways to enhance the aroma and flavor of spirits, but the process can often take hours or even days. Help has come from an unlikely source: the drip coffeemaker. For the past several years, mixologists have been using this technology to infuse cocktails in a matter of minutes.

At III Forks in Palm Beach Gardens, a proprietary pour-over system is used to make Le Rendezvous and Bee My Honey, which are on offer through the end of November as part of a seasonal cocktail list. “We create both cocktails tableside,” says proprietor Tommy Nevill. “Once one table orders it, everyone wants it.”

Le Rendezvous is a combination of Rémy Martin VSOP, Licor 43, agave nectar, pineapple juice, and Angostura bitters. The ingredients are poured over pineapple, orange rind, and cinnamon. Nevill feels that the Rémy establishes a flavor foundation for the drink, while the agave nectar and bitters balance each other; the pineapple and orange rind lend a tropical appeal.

“You don’t get as much intensity with this technique as with a normal infusion, but we wanted the flavors to be subtle rather than overpowering,” he explains. “We’re great believers in fresh ingredients, and we love experimenting and creating new experiences for our guests.”

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