Radio Theatre at the Arts Garage | The Thin Man

Radio Theatre - The Thin Man - Delray BeachStraight from the pages of the pulpiest of pulp novels, The Thin Man finds married couple, Nora and Nick Charles, looking to wind down with a trip to New York for the holidays. Set in the 1930s, Nick is a retired detective thrust back onto the beat when a young woman seeks his help in finding her father—one of Nick’s friends—who mysteriously disappeared after the murder of his secretary, and lover. Clyde—The Thin Man, and Nick’s friend—is the prime suspect, but Dorothy—his daughter—is convinced he’s innocent. On the case, Nick, much to the amusement of his socialite wife, uncovers an elaborate ruse to frame The Thin Man, while the real murderer attempts to get away with a fortune.

    The Arts Garage’s Radio Theatre will bring this stirring, and funny story to life in true Guy Noir fashion on May 27-28. Performed as if for old-time radio, Radio Theatre has adapted classic movie scripts for actors to perform, while technicians add sound effects using rather interesting devices—think clopping coconut shells from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It all adds up to a rather unique and interesting form of live performance that is not only entertaining, but a little nostalgic too.

Arts Garage - Radio Theatre - Casablanca - Foley Artists performing a radio broadcast live

   Find out what happened to “The Thin Man” in this classic whodunit, why there is a skeleton in the closet, and why dinner with friends can always turn out to be an entertaining turn of events.

  • Showtimes: May 27 and 28 at 7:30 p.m. Admission costs $20 for general seating, $30 for premium. For more information, visit

Each Radio Theatre play is recorded for audiences to enjoy long after the curtain has fallen. Visit for more information.

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