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Cristyle Wood Egitto's 111 Places guidebook to must-see destinations in Palm Beach will hit shelves on Monday, November 9

Photo by Nothing Negative Co.

North Palm Beach blogger, PR pro, and woman-about-town Cristyle Wood Egitto can now add author to her résumé. Egitto penned a 111 Places guidebook—a popular series providing the inside scoop from longtime residents—on her own stomping grounds. 111 Places in Palm Beach That You Must Not Miss, set to release on Monday, November 9, “is the realization of one of my biggest personal goals,” Egitto says. “I’ve been a writer my entire life, and it was my dream to be a published author.” Between her history in the area (Egitto moved here in 1992) and on-the-ground work for her blog and Instagram account, Eat Palm Beach, Egitto is a bona fide expert on all things Palm Beaches. 

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