Resolve to Eat Well with Help from Fuel for Fit

Stick to clean eating resolutions in 2020 with help from a meal prep service brought to you by the former executive chef of Flagler Steakhouse and the Italian Restaurant at The Breakers.

Ever wish you could be like those svelte Hollywood A-listers who have nutritional gourmet meals delivered right to their door? Thanks to John Savarese, your wish has been granted. The former executive chef at the Flagler Steakhouse and the Italian Restaurant at The Breakers started Fuel for Fit to bring a touch of fine dining to food delivery.
Clients choose from more than 60 meal combinations on an ever-changing monthly menu, everything from protein-fueled peanut butter and jelly pancakes to chimichurri flank steak. Each selection comes with a protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a vegetable that Savarese ensures provides the perfect balance to fuel your body throughout the day.
“I believe many other companies lack attention to details and are more focused on producing cheap meals rather than a really well-refined product,” he says. In addition, Fuel for Fit meals include only domestic proteins, and the fat, sodium, and cholesterol content is kept to a minimum. “We take time with all of our menu development. We do not just throw food into a box.”

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