Romantic Meal at Home

Craft your own sultry feast with ingredients from local purveyors

Photo courtesy of Altima Caviar
Photo courtesy of Altima Caviar

As the founder and president of public relations firm Altima Palm Beach, Maribel Alvarez knows a thing or two about luxury goods. With more than a decade of experience repping elite caviar brands, she decided to throw her hat into the ring and launched Altima Caviar this past fall. Alvarez and Graham Gaspard, the former president of Black River Caviar, are sourcing from the world’s most exclusive and sustainable farms, resulting in such high-end offerings as premium grades of Russian Oscietra farmed in Israel’s Galilee region. And, to ensure consistency, every tin of Altima Caviar includes the eggs from a single fish. It is available for purchase at Mary Mahoney on Worth Avenue and Cod & Capers in North Palm Beach, as well as at Bice Ristorante on Palm Beach. Regardless of whether you serve Altima Caviar on blinis, potato chips, or spoon-feed it to your lover, it’s bound to be a sultry start to your night. 

Pasta. Photo courtesy of Amici Market
Photo courtesy of Amici Market

You’ve taken care of the appetizer, now what about the entree? Truffles are a celebrated aphrodisiac, a quality that is often attributed to their suggestive aroma, which poet and author Diane Ackerman once described as “the muskiness of a rumpled bed after an afternoon of love in the tropics.” While that may be a bit TMI, the allure of truffles is just right for a romantic night in—and Amici Market on Palm Beach has a variety of truffle-infused products that you can use to whip up a stunning main course. Start with Tealdi Gourmet’s Antico Pastificio tagliolini, an egg pasta that stands up beautifully to truffle creams. Toss the pasta in Tartuflanghe’s Parmigiano Reggiano truffle cream before finishing it with Tartuflanghe’s Perlage black truffle pearls. Made from black winter truffle juice, these pearls may look like caviar, but they provide a pop of truffle flavor. 

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