Sandman Sleeps Debuts Album

The Palm Beach County-based band will celebrate their first record with an album release performance at Propaganda in Lake Worth March 26

Sandman Sleeps. Photo by Parisa Farbakhsh
Sandman Sleeps. Photo by Parisa Farbakhsh

Palm Beach County-based band Sandman Sleeps will release their debut album, Crisis Actor, March 26. The band, comprised of sisters Cristina and Alex Peck, Karsten Andersen, and Zack Jones, will celebrate with an album release show at Propaganda in Lake Worth.

Vocalist/guitarist Cristina and bassist Alex originally formed the band as teenagers, but revived it in 2019. Andersen joined as the band’s drummer and Jones as the band’s guitarist in early 2020.

Crisis Actor is effectively a “best-of” culled from a decade of songcraft. It’s an arresting, evocative, and authentic expression inspired by Pixies, Kate Bush, Talking Heads, and Tori Amos, with the band’s unique sound pulling the inspiration together.

“We’ve recorded this album, like, three times now,” said Alex, referencing Sandman Sleeps’ perfectionism before discovering Thunder House Studio in Fort Pierce, where Crisis Actor was co-produced with engineer Nick Diiorio in early 2021.

The record’s dynamic arrangements and Cristina’s glacial, Bjork-like timbre lead by the hand rather than beat over the head. Pictures are painted as much by the lyrics’ sounds as their literal meanings. Crisis Actor knows no boundaries and never panders, instead letting listeners run with its emotional hints to our own destinations, different on every listen.

“We play these songs like we’re gonna die tomorrow,” Cristina deadpanned. “The possibilities are endless.”

Learn more about the band and the March 26 performance here.

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