Science on Tap: Robotic Surgery

Science on Tap - Robotic Surgery - South Florida Science CenterThe use of robotics in the operating room has become a common occurrence. Utilized in procedures needing small, intricate tools, robotic surgery requires smaller incisions (often just a single-site), while making smaller, more precise movements than traditional surgery, leading to quicker recovery time, less pain and bleeding, less risk of infection, shorter hospital stays, and smaller scars, as per the National Institute of Health.  

   At the forefront of robotics used in general surgery, Itzhak Shasha, MD, Director of Robotic Surgery at JFK Medical Center, has lead numerous successful single-site, minimally invasive procedures. As a true pioneer of the field, the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium has tapped Dr. Shasha to host the May installment of Science on Tap. Held at O’Shea’s Irish Pub on Thursday, May 14, at 7:30 p.m., Dr. Shasha will discuss how robotics have been incorporated into the operating room, the health benefits of using robotic arms, and discuss the future of the field, all while guests enjoy a cocktail or two.

   Robotics in medicine is nothing new; it has been a part of everyday hospital life for decades. But, as technological innovation leads to more advanced, complex systems of technology, the inevitability of these advancements seeping into the operating room are all but a foregone conclusion. And as these technological breakthroughs continue to progress, existing ethical lines move and reform, leading to new questions, some being rather tricky—the use of nanotechnology; how do we deal with artificial intelligence as it becomes more advanced and reliable. Though they seem like conundrums left to science fiction novels, these are current debates being had with researchers and scientists, in essence shaping the future of medicine.

   In true Science on Tap “drink up and get smart” fashion, where a casual educational environment encourages learning about everyday curiosities, Dr. Shasha will lend some insight into how the medical arena implements the latest in cutting-edge technology, making it a safe and reliable form of medicine.

  • Science on Tap is a free event. O’Shea’s Irish Pub happy hour ($3 draft beers, $4 bottle beers, $1 off well drinks) will begin at 7 p.m. and run through the discussion. For more information, visit

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