Scripps Research Institute Releases COVID-19 Video Collection

Learn more about the fight against coronavirus from the scientists on the front lines.

Robotic drug screening with ReFrame. Image courtesy of Scripps Florida. Photo by Scott Wiseman.

In addition to its four-part Front Row virtual lecture program coming later this month, Scripps Research Institute has launched a COVID-19 video collection to give people a behind-the-scenes view into scientists’ endeavors to understand and fight coronavirus. The series of short videos is designed for the general public and features Scripps Research scientists discussing their strategies for developing selective, safe treatments and vaccines against the coronavirus, all on an unprecedented timescale.

“More than 100 Scripps Research scientists are working to decipher the dangerous new coronavirus responsible for outbreaks of respiratory illness across the globe,” says Douglas Bingham, executive Vice President of Florida Operations at Scripps Research Institute.  “On both U.S. coasts, teams of chemists and biologists are focused on developing antiviral therapies and vaccine prototypes which are optimized for both safety and effectiveness. Our new video series sheds light on how Scripps Research scientists are tackling this difficult task – and offers an educational look at the essential, urgent scientific work underway to protect the public from this pandemic.”

COVID-19 Biologics in Dr. Michael Farzan’s lab. Image courtesy of Scripps Research Institute.

All videos can be found on the Scripps Research YouTube channel on its Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) playlist. Those filmed from the Jupiter, Florida campus are below:

How scientists are confronting coronavirus: Scripps Research COVID-19 updates

Around the world, scientists are sharing data, sharing insights, pushing for the best possible vaccines and medications against COVID-19. Virologist Michael Farzan, PhD, describes the scale of the effort underway at Scripps Research.

How does the coronavirus sicken people? A virologist explains

The pandemic strain of coronavirus infects cells in the lung, leading to an aggressive immune response that can be life-threatening. Virologist Hyeryun Choe, PhD, answers common questions about COVID-19.

Using robotics to rapidly screen for COVID-19 medicines

The merger of outstanding basic scientific research, industrial robotics and a unique drug-discovery collection powers the battle against COVID-19 at the Scripps Research, Florida campus. Louis Scampavia, PhD, and Timothy Spicer, PhD, describe the high-throughput drug screening program.

Probing coronavirus genetics for new points of attack

One scientist’s inventive tools for repairing toxic RNA now reveal ways to fight pandemic coronaviruses, which store their genetic information in RNA. Scripps Research chemist Matthew Disney, PhD, takes you inside his lab’s fight against COVID-19.

Antibodies, biologics and the fight against COVID-19

Besides vaccines and antiviral drugs, a group of medicines called biologics offer great potential in the battle against COVID-19. Serum from recovered patients can be used to protect others and also to identify useful antibodies, our immune system’s precision germ-targeting system. Scripps Research molecular biologist Christoph Rader, PhD, explains.

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