Self-Starter Strategies From 3 Local Female Entrepreneurs

Boss ladies from local wellness companies share their secrets to success and sanity in today’s business world.

Nicole Winter

Founder of Stråla Skincare, an on-the-go luxury skincare brand

Best business advice she’s received: “Passion is your greatest fuel for motivation. Believe in yourself and fully commit to what you’re building—if you don’t believe in what you’re selling no one else will.”

Secret to staying balanced: “Take care of your body and soul. Family is very important to me and always comes first. Exercise and a healthy diet [have been big parts of] my life. It’s also important to stay focused, busy, and sober to succeed.”

Biggest challenge in her entrepreneurial journey: “Being a woman, single mother, and an immigrant have not always been the best components to starting a new business.”

How she fosters creativity: “Spending time in nature and reading our reviews. We’re pushing the boundaries to create premium skincare products that deliver uncompromising beauty.”

Most beneficial personal traits in building her business: “My commitment to my business, always keeping my promises, and never giving up.”

Ann Brown

Founder of Saltability, an organic Himalayan salt-based spa line in Boca Raton

Best business advice she’s received: “You don’t get what you want, you get what you negotiate.”

Secret to staying balanced: “Living in the now. I tend to have a sense of urgency about most things (which I like), but I am really trying to not get ahead of myself.”

Source of inspiration: “Mornings are very inspirational for me. I live on the ocean and do meditation on a vibration board on my balcony and oil pull at the same time. The quiet time is so good for me to reset myself.”

Biggest challenge in her entrepreneurial journey: “I have to make almost every decision, and sometimes it feels a bit unsupported. It is temporary and most times I ask the universe and God to send me a sign or someone to help, and it truly happens.”

Workday musts: “Lots of water, getting at least three things done that day, and being grateful.”

Most beneficial personal traits in building her business: “Assertiveness with a smile, kindness in my heart, and a sense of getting it done.”

Julie Peyton and Lauren Donald

Owners of Under the Sun, a line of hair-care products, designed to protect hair from environmental elements, that donates a portion of its sales to nonprofits

Best business advice they have received: “It doesn’t matter where you’re going, just get the right people on the bus,” says Peyton.

Peyton’s entrepreneurial role model: “Bumble and Bumble”

Donald’s entrepreneurial role models: “My creativity and entrepreneurial spirit were influenced by my parents and my business partner, Julie.”

Donald’s secret to staying balanced: “Time with my son and family; investing in my friendships.”

Peyton’s secret to staying balanced: “Health, spirituality, friendship, and fun.”

Where Donald finds inspiration: “As a salon owner, I find inspiration from clients’ hair and Florida’s coastal environments.”

Where Peyton finds inspiration: “Relationships, fashion, film, theatre, art, music, education, and philanthropy.”

Donald’s proudest business success: “Knowing that Under the Sun is a quality product created locally by women.”

Peyton’s proudest business success: “Being women entrepreneurs and creating an amazing product that wouldn’t otherwise exist without our efforts.”

Their biggest challenge in their entrepreneurial journey: “Learning that the best isn’t always the most popular,” says Peyton.

What Donald needs to make it through a workday: “My love for taking care of people’s hair and knowing my business donates to the community.”

Peyton’s workday musts: “Exercise for the body, a positive outlook for the mind, and giving back to the community and mentoring the next generation of teenage girls.”

What they would have done differently: “It took two years to develop Under the Sun, so time management and delegating responsibility,” says Donald.

How Peyton fosters creativity: “I immerse myself in culture, support local charities, cherish my son, and enjoy life.”

How Donald fosters creativity: “Supporting local street artists and hair artisans.”

Most beneficial personal traits in building their business: “We keep going, even when facing tough times, and maintaining our integrity for the product we stand behind,” says Donald. 

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