Short Cuts 4 at the Lake Worth Playhouse

The Lake Worth Playhouse will celebrate local playwrights on May 7 with “Short Cuts 4.” Produced by The Playgroup, LLC, the fourth season of this short play series will includes nine original plays by local wrights, all running ten minutes or less. A mix of comedy and drama, themes explore romance and art, crime, the distinction between good and evil, and more, while performed on a minimally set stage, which is arranged by the actors before each play, in full view of the audience—often times creating a play within a play. Fifteen actors will perform the parts, with five directors guiding the performances.

  • Admission to Short Cuts 4 cost $20 (all seats). 
  • For more information or to purchase tickets, call 561-586-6410 or visit

Lake Worth Playhouse - Short Cuts 4

This year’s plays include:

“One Hundred Years Old” by Brian Reeves

  • Life has bumps and scrapes.  When you get to one hundred, you’ve had more bumps and scrapes than most.

“Mind Games” by Brian Reeves

  • Sometimes in a psychological session, things get all twisted.

“Life After Love” by Todd Caster

  • A widow and her middle-aged son meet for lunch and explore the paths their lives have taken.

“The Audition” by Don Grimme

  • Four senior citizens audition for roles in a significantly altered version of Hedda Gabler with unexpected results. 

“Social Justice” by Marnie Bauman

  • Once again, the prototypical battle is waged between Good Angel and Bad Angel.

“The Agape Principle” by Marla E. Schwartz

  • A journalist encounters her ex-boyfriend at a Miami gallery as she begins to interview a famous elderly artist.

“Forever Young” by Mary Unterbrink

  • An elderly woman lives it up with a much younger man to the consternation of her children.

“Energy Vampires” by Patricia Crumpler

  • Good advice is dispensed to someone not paying attention.

“Cash Flow” by Joan McIver

  • Who are those suspicious characters in the bank lobby?

The series, produced by The Playgroup, LLC, was founded in 2011 with the intention of helping develop local talent with monthly playwright and actor workshops. This year’s production includes four new playwrights (Don Grimme, Marnie Bauman, Pat Crumpler and Joan McIver) who debuted their work in these workshops, taking the stage for the first time at “Short Cuts 4.”



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