Sustainable Shopping with Shades of Green

Angela Wade's sustainable shopping platform offers consumers a transparent look into the eco-friendliness of products they purchase

Angela Wade, founder of Shades of Green

Angela Wade already found success as an award-winning Palm Beach equestrian, but now she can add “entrepreneur” to her repertoire: she founded Shades of Green, a sustainable shopping platform with an evaluation system that examines 25 different variables across sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, and product life cycle to give consumers a transparent look into the sustainability of the products they purchase.

“Sustainable shopping is thinking about the potential environmental, social, and economic impacts before purchasing an item, and opting for products that are made using sustainable practices such as renewable or organic materials, biodegradable or natural plant-based dyes, or those manufactured with zero-waste in mind,” Wade explains.

In a market plagued by “greenwashing”—brands slapping a few buzzwords on their packaging rather than making substantive changes to their materials and manufacturing process—she aims for Shades of Green to be a trusted source of healthy goods with minimal environmental impact.

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