Sherlock Holmes Comes to ANSG

Anne Norton Sculptre Gardens new exhibit, “The Art of Sherlock Holmes,” will be on display May 10 to June 3.

Courtesy of Anthony Hernandez

The Tale of the First Adventure, Anthony Hernandez

Ever since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced readers to Sherlock Holmes in his 1887 story A Study in Scarlet, the observant, charismatic detective has captured imaginations the world over and remained a constant fixture of the pop-culture lexicon. Even when Conan Doyle killed the character off—by having him topple over the edge of Switzerland’s Reichenbach Falls—fans were so distraught that the author resurrected Holmes a decade later. Fast-forward to 2019 and Holmes lives once more in “The Art of Sherlock Holmes.” This pop-up exhibition, on display at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach from May 10 to June 3, includes 15 original works of art inspired by stories starring Holmes. Author Phil Growick (who’s penned two Holmes tales himself) curated the show, which features all local artists working in a variety of styles. While “The Art of Sherlock Holmes” is on view for but a few weeks, it will be forever memorialized in a coffee-table book of the same name.

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