The Flagler Museum’s 2014 Music Series

The Flagler Museum has a longstanding relationship with classical music: Henry Morrison Flagler and wife Mary Lily would host performances in Whitehall’s Music Room, and Henry Harkness Flagler (HMF’s son) was the chairman of the New York Philharmonic Society. This family tradition carries on with the Flagler Museum Music Series.

The Atos Trio - The Flagler Museum Music Series

The Atos Trio will perform at the Flagler Museum on February 18.

   This season, patrons can experience a plethora of classical talent from around the world, including South Korea, the Czech Republic and Mexico. From January through March, the music series will host quartets, soloists and trios with technical prowess and symphonic style to spare. With musicians as varied as the Shanghai Quartet and Cuarteto Latinoamericano, each performance will be a unique experience. One thing each event has in common: Attendees are invited to a Champagne and dessert reception with the performers following final bows.

  • Tickets cost $60 per concert.
  • For more information, call 561-655-2833 or visit

The Flagler Museum’s 2014 Music Series Lineup is as follows:

The Talich Quartet will perform at the Flagler Museum on March 4

The Thalich Quartet will perform on March 4.

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