The New Dating Game: Landing Mr. Right

Landing Mr. Right - Palm Beach Dating Game - Board Game   It all started with a bad date. “Have I got a story for you,” Alys Daly told her friend Victoria Brewer. After they commiserated and laughed over his bad manners, they had a revelation: Dating is like a game, so why not make it a fun one?

   The two Palm Beach County residents created Landing Mr. Right, a board game in which players can “date” a variety of stereotypical men—like the Blue Blood, the CEO and the rock star—until they land on the final space: Mr. Right. The game (which Daly and Brewer call “therapy in a box”) instructs players to take turns drawing cards that prompt them to share a personal experience or an opinion about a real-life dating situation; some are serious and others might cause participants to blush, but all are relatable and lead to laughable girl talk. The board pieces are gems (because all women are jewels, of course), and each move brings a player closer to Mr. Right.

   Like any board game, the object is to win, but Daly and Brewer say Landing Mr. Right is really about the deeper concepts of encouraging female bonding, boosting confidence and reassuring any woman who’s ever had a bad date that she’s not alone. Most of all, they say, it’s a metaphor for romance: If you stay in the dating game long enough, you’ll land Mr. Right.

   The game sells for $39.95 and is available at the Palm Beach Book Store, Babalu in Palm Beach and

Dating Game Board Game - Landing Mr. Right

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