The Rudin Prize at the Norton

Norton Museum of Art’s Thursday night arty party, Art After Dark, is taking on a competitive edge on October 2 with the unveiling of the second Rudin Prize for Emerging Photographers nominees. The biennial international award, dubbed the Rudin Prize for the late Lewis Rudin, New York City real estate developer and father of Beth Rudin DeWoody, member of the Photography Committee at the Norton, is part of a greater exploration of contemporary photography, with the Norton leading the search for the next generation of photographers. The 2014 award called on four internationally acclaimed photographers to act as a nominating panel, each selecting one emerging artist who is at the precipice of the genre. The four finalists will be on display in a joint exhibition through January 11, 2015. The Norton’s Photography Steering Committee will select the grantee of the 2014 Rudin Prize, the winner of which will take home a cash prize of $20,000, on December 1.

   “The nominees for the second Rudin Prize are both artistically and culturally diverse and offer a refreshing look at the evolving medium,” said Tim B. Wride, the Norton’s William and Sarah Ross Soter Curator of Photography. “Because of the generosity of Beth Rudin DeWoody, who shares the Norton’s dedication to emerging artists, we are able to present work at the cutting edge of the field.”


For the second presentation of the Rudin Prize, the Norton pulled all the stops in forming the nominee panel, each a renowned photographer or conceptual artist in their own right:

Miriam Böhm - Interlude III, 2012 - Norton Musuem of Art - Rudin Prize

Miriam Böhm
Interlude III, 2012

German sculptor and photographer Thomas Demand nominated Berlin-based photographer Miriam Böhm. A student from the Academy of Art, Vienna and the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, in Amsterdam, Böhm’s works give new meaning to still-lifes that gives a sense of amazement with optical illusions created through a series of complex arrangements in studio.


Delphine Fawundu - The African Dream, Bamako, Mali, 2013 - Norton Museum of Art - Rudin Prize

Delphine Fawundu
The African Dream, Bamako, Mali, 2013

American photographer and historian Deborah Willis nominated fellow New Yorker Delphine Fawundu. Fawundu’s work documenting hip-hop culture since 1993 and her self-portraiture work has given a unique look at self identity as filtered through cultural expression.


 Rami Maymon Untitled (Youth), 2013 - Norton Museum of Art - Rudin Prize

Rami Maymon
Untitled (Youth), 2013

Israeli photographer Adi Nes, known for his series Soldiers, nominated Tel Aviv photographer Rami Maymon. In Maymon’s work, images are not only central in terms of subject in the composition but also by creating subservice context that raises the question in how photography impacts the viewer.


 Renato Osoy Archival Iterations, Identity Variations, 2012, printed 2014 - Norton Museum of Art - Rudin Prize

Renato Osoy
Archival Iterations, Identity Variations, 2012, printed 2014

Modernist Guatemalan photographer Luis González Palma, whose photography focuses on the indigenous Mayas of Guatemala, nominated fellow countryman Renato Osoy. Osoy’s work takes the everyday moment, finding beauty in the simple and mundane.


  • The Rudin Prize exhibition will be on display through January 11. On December 1, the Norton Museum of Art’s Photography Steering Committee will announce the recipient of the 2014 Rudin Prize.
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