Trindy Gourmet Cooks Up Food for the Soul

Trinnette Morris is breaking down the barriers to healthy eating through her catering services, to-go options, and West Palm Beach café

Trinnette Morris grew up in a culinary family. Her father was head chef at the former Harvest House at the Palm Beach Mall, and she helped out in her parents’ catering business as a child. After training as a teacher and working as an assistant principal, she came back to the food world with a mission: to educate minority communities about the importance of healthy eating.

This desire led her to open a private chef business in 2011. That venture morphed into Trindy Gourmet, a specialty catering service, and paved the way for her gourmet breakfast café on Spruce Avenue in the historic Northwest District of West Palm Beach in 2015. She was recognized as the Black Chamber Small Business of the Year in 2016 and opened her second location this past March on Rosemary Avenue.

“I see a significant correlation between mental health and food, particularly in lower socioeconomic areas,” Morris says. “I try to focus on foods that lessen anxiety and depression, such as blueberries, kale, oatmeal, and salmon.”

While you’ll see bacon and pork sausage on the Trindy Gourmet menu, you’ll also find smoothies, egg whites, and “just about every vegetable known to man.” Kale fried rice is a big seller, and the vegetable curry breakfast quesadilla is a crowd favorite. “We have to give people what they expect,” she says, “but we also give them what they need.”

Courtesy of Jessica Burroughs/Soverve Marketing Group

Her passion for healthy eating led her to establish the Trindy Gourmet Foundation in 2019, a nonprofit dedicated to awakening children and young adults to the benefits of good nutrition. The Male Mental Health Awareness Cooking Classes, aimed at Black teenagers in Riviera Beach, trains young men on how to keep their anxieties in check through cooking. Morris also mentors budding culinarians from middle school through graduation. “It all comes back to education,” she explains. “I’m always a cook and always a teacher, and to be able to marry both of them is a gift.”

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