True Boulud: Q&A with Daniel Boulud

Daniel Boulud - Cafe Boulud at the Brazilian Court Hotel - After staying stalwart for nearly 13 seasons, Café Boulud (561-655-6060) has undergone a major transformation. The Brazilian Court Hotel’s inimitable Francophile eatery now features such touches as mosaic tiling, seashell and pecky cypress–paneled ceilings, and a 15-seat quartzite bar that serves seasonal libations and craft beers on tap. Menus have been retooled to showcase an inventive—and shareable—selection of bar fare, locavore cuisine like blackened mahi with squash gratin and a slow-cooked pork shoulder, and perennial French classics made famous at Boulud’s eponymous eateries around the world. sat down with Boulud to talk about his island haunts and romantic meals.


PBI.COM: When you’re in Palm Beach, where do you like to shop and to eat?

Boulud: I don’t do shopping too much. For my kids I shop at Roberta Roller Rabbit, but I try to stay away from all the brands we have in New York. What’s the point? I also like going to see my friend, Marcello Fiorentino, at La Sirena.

Sunburst Farms Trout with pink lady peas and mustard beurre blanc - Cafe Boulud at the Brazil Court Hotel

Sunburst Farms trout with pink lady peas and mustard beurre blanc.

Any plans to open another restaurant in Palm Beach County?

No [laughs], no other plans. I just want to make sure we take care of what we have, and that is good enough.

Describe the most romantic meal you’ve ever made.

The most romantic meals are often on Sunday morning. Two weeks ago, I pan toasted a slice of brioche, made a hole in it, cracked an egg, and cooked it. I served it to my wife and son with some shaved white truffle. He loved it. He’s 18 months. He’s well trained.

 Roasted farm chicken with Swiss chard crepinette espelette jus - Cafe Boulud at the Brazilian Court Hotel, Palm Beach

Roasted farm chicken with Swiss chard crepinette and espelette jus.

Photos by Noah Fecks

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