Virtual Mental Health Resources for All

These accessible digital platforms can help users achieve balance and find peace during uncertain times.

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in Florida, perpetuating social distancing and enhanced safety protocols, there’s been a more fervent reliance on technology as a means of staying connected and a refocus on life well-lived at home. Here, we present helpful advice and innovative tech tools that make it easier to foster a sense of mental well-being during times of crisis.

Inner Calm

One way to practice mindfulness is to set aside time for meditation. Susie Levan, a South Florida–based author, meditation teacher, and life coach, has made two of her guided meditations available online at no cost. Entitled “Meditation for a Peaceful Heart” and “Meditation for Healing Stress,” Levan’s free meditations feature relaxing music by Grammy-nominated artist Steven Halpern. “Meditation is training your mind to focus and redirecting your thoughts,” Levan explains. “Meditation helps you feel grounded no matter what life throws your way. As we all meet the challenges of this moment, you will find strength and equanimity with meditation.”

Virtual Therapy

Finding mental balance and social connection during quarantine can be challenging to even the most seasoned homebody. Enter Talkspace. The subscription teletherapy resource connects users with licensed mental health professionals who assist clients through stress, anxiety, life changes, couples counseling, and more. Another option is 7 Cups, which provides free emotional support through topic-specific chatrooms, including one for COVID-19 where users can share experiences, anxieties, and coping strategies. In addition to chatting, users can get involved by training to become volunteer listeners who moderate chatrooms and provide one-on-one support.

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