Wildflower Granola Fuels Any Adventure

"Take a Hike" with the energy-boosting, protein-packed snack

Wildflower Granola Take a Hike mix
Wildflower Granola Take a Hike mix

Wildflower Granola

After moving to South Florida from Cape Cod in 2010, Sharon Smith began selling her baked goods at local green markets. Her granola—made with high-quality, often organic ingredients and without the preservatives, additives, and high sugar content of traditional brands—earned rave reviews, prompting her to focus solely on the snack and launch her Lake Park–based business. Her most popular blend, Take a Hike, combines organic oats with seeds, dried cranberries, maple syrup, and agave for a snack that’s low in sugar and high in protein. Other fan favorites include Berry Key-Licious, a flavor inspired by Florida that mixes key lime extract and freeze-dried strawberries for a sweet-and-sour flavor. Buy Wildflower Granola online or find it at local retailers such as Joseph’s Classic Market.

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